Mike Regan Noise

BMW: “Journey of Light: With Albert Watson Episode 1 NYC"

BMW: “Journey of Light: With Albert Watson Episode 2 Kyoto"


Sound Design




Client: BMW and Esquire Magazine

Agency: UM Studios

Production Company: Cutters Studios

Director/Editor: Ryan Mcguire (Cutters Studios Tokyo)

Assistant Editor: Freddy Capogreco (Cutters Studios Tokyo)

Sound Design/Mixer: Mike Regan

Composer: Sam Billen

Music: Primary Color

My job as sound designer/mixer was to create vivid and uniquely haunting sounds that helped Albert tell his story as one of the world’s most respected and iconic photographers.

His images speak for themselves but I was honored to try and use the sounds of NYC and experimentation to draw the viewer in further.

My favorite part of this process was working with Sam's music in the early stages and treating the sound design as a musical element. We discussed in detail the key, chords and modality to make sure that our work was cohesive and impactful.